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Company Details

Company details

TP : +65 7349 1100
Fax : +65 7349 1100
Web Site :
Email :


Select Time-zone : Singapore (+8:00 GMT)
Date Format : DD/MM/YYYY
Currency : USD


2149 Burwell Heights Road
TX, Texas 00783 USA

223 Burwell Heights Road
45, Texas 00783 Singapore

User Management

Bank Details

Bank Account

Account number : 4533 2333 2225 5667
Account type : Savings
Bank Name : UOB Bank
Branch Code : 0076
Bank Code : R7768G
Account Holder Name : John Doe Silva
Company Code(ID) 0076

Pay Schedule

Tax period : 1 Year
Cut off date for processing of salary : 25th
Pay cycle : Monthly
Overtime pay cycles same as pay cycle? : Yes

Manage Features

Dashboard Personalisation

Organisational chart
Payroll Management
Performance Appraisal


Employee ID Format: ABC0009
Job ID Format : 889
Abstract Employee ID : 6775YT
Email notification for recruitment : Yes

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